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 so I can clearly improve the script. so I can clearly improve the script.
 +Also, I forgot to take into account that one could "​select"​ a Kconfig option, whereupon that Kconfig option could then select further options, without ever testing the option itself. Here's an example:
 +arch/​arm/​mach-tegra/​Kconfig:​23:​config TEGRA_COMMON
 +arch/​arm/​mach-tegra/​Kconfig:​58:​ select TEGRA_COMMON
 +arch/​arm/​mach-tegra/​Kconfig:​66:​ select TEGRA_COMMON
 +My script flags that because there is no occurrence of "​CONFIG_TEGRA_COMMON"​ but, of course, in this case, there doesn'​t have to be. Another improvement to be made.
 ===== Example ===== ===== Example =====
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