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Some puttering around notes on Pulsar Linux.

Two things:

  • the active development branch for Pulsar Linux is pulsar-x
  • current development emphasizes the container-related images (cube-dom0, cube-essential, etc), not so much standard images like core-image-minimal

Getting Pulsar Linux

First, to support my standard GitHub workflow, I like to clone GitHub projects with the remote name github as I like to reserve the remote name origin for my fork of the project, to which I will push subsequent commits:

$ git clone \
    -b pulsar-x \
    -o github \
    --recurse-submodules \

Configuration to deal with warnings/errors

When building iasl-native (as part of cube-essential), GCC 8.1.1 generates warnings/errors, so you need to add to local.conf:

CFLAGS_append = " -Wno-error=stringop-truncation"
CFLAGS_append = " -Wno-error=format-overflow"

or just use bitbake -k, I guess.

RW notes, minimally unedited


$ git clone -b pulsar-x --recurse-submodules \
$ cd wr-core

Initialize in-tree build

Not sure if LANG setting is necessary:

$ . ./init-intel-x86-env
$ export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Even without VLC, should some of that stuff be added to cube-desktop?

$ cd ../layers/
$ git clone git://lxgitserver/git/users/rwoolley/meta-vlc.git
$ bitbake-layers add-layer ../layers/meta-vlc/
# Add the following to conf/local.conf
PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-vlc = " sdl mad vpx vorbis ogg x264 libva"
PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-ffmpeg2 = " libvorbis mp3lame theora vaapi vpx "
# For signage add:
CUBE_DESKTOP_EXTRA_INSTALL += " vlc ffmpeg2 git python3 python3-pip ristretto "


Might as well build for 64-bit:

MACHINE ?= "qemux86-64"

By default, won't it build for 32-bit?


$ bitbake cube-desktop cube-dom0 cube-essential

Relevant generated artifacts

  • bzImage
  • cube-builder-initramfs-intel-corei7-64.cpio.gz
  • cube-desktop-intel-corei7-64.tar.bz2
  • cube-dom0-intel-corei7-64.tar.bz2
  • cube-essential-intel-corei7-64.tar.bz2


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