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  • what is SDK compared to PetaLinux?
  • what is in a BSP file?
  • XSCT?
  • installer appears to not recognize install directory argument
  • can't select subset of architectures (why not?)
  • can't find right TERM type for “petalinux-config -c kernel” on Ubuntu
  • rootfs config does not seem to update rootfs_config, only
  • new file user-rootfsconfig to activate non-default packages
  • “HDF will be deprecated in future releases… replaced by XSA.” (p. 19, Tools Reference)
  • “petalinux-config –get-hw-description=<PATH-TO-HDF” fails with Xilinx system.xsa file
    • need to check out v2019.2 branch of hdf-examples
  • What is the significance of petalinux-config CONFIG_SUBSYSTEM_MACHINE_NAME?
  • “petalinux-create -t COMPONENT”???
  • which device tree/U-Boot/kernel files are updated by petalinux-config?
  • contents of images/linux/
  • how to examine a FIT image (mkimage -l)
  • FSBL and PMU firmware built in either PetaLinux or Vivado
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