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-===== Points ===== 
-  * git commit 
-    * amend (--no-edit) 
-    * templates 
-    * what makes a good commit? 
-  * git rebase 
-  * worktrees 
-  * setting up remotes 
-  * GitHub workflow 
-Then, group users 
-in teams, and have them add each other’s remotes (after making them public but read-only) and 
-either send each other pull requests. If it were me, I’d have a simple project already ready 
-with a few “source” files in it (could be plain text) and encourage changes from the group in 
-a few specific exercises, trying merges back and forth. 
-I’m mostly prefer that the trainer give specific workflows that let us meet these basic 
-criteria that we expect. Off the top of my head: 
-·         Cross-discipline development on the same topic branch (multiple developers plus qa) 
-– might imply pushing to each other or merge requests to each other, ideally one “team lead” 
-is expected to have a little bit more knowledgeable 
-·         Pull requests get CI, eventually CD for validation 
-·         Forbidding pushes except from merge requests, configuring them to require some kind 
-of team lead slash “lieutenant” to approve before merge (rather than someone who worked on 
-the feature or knows them etc) 
-Additional points: 
-  * Newer git filter-repo 
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