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   * overlays   * overlays
-  * keywords (plugin, memreserve, omit-if-no-ref)+  * keywords (/plugin//memreserve//omit-if-no-ref/, /bits/) 
 +===== MISC (for now) ===== 
 +  * "The unit-address must match the first address specified in the reg property of the node. If the node has no reg property, the @unit-address must be omitted and the node-name alone differentiates the node from other nodes at the same level in the tree. The binding for a particular bus may specify additional, more specific requirements for the format of reg and the unit-address."​
 ===== Some links ===== ===== Some links =====
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   * [[Device tree naming conventions]]   * [[Device tree naming conventions]]
   * [[Proper device tree design]]   * [[Proper device tree design]]
 +  * [[Device tree standard properties]]
 +  * [[Device tree node requirements]]
   * [[Comparing device trees with dtx_diff]]   * [[Comparing device trees with dtx_diff]]
 +  * [[Hierarchical device files]]
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