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 origin https://​​rpjday/​kubernetes (push) origin https://​​rpjday/​kubernetes (push)
 $ $
 +Define the remote ''​upstream''​ for the official Kubernetes repo, and make sure you can't push to it:
 +$ git remote add upstream https://​​kubernetes/​kubernetes.git
 +$ git remote set-url --push upstream no_push
 +$ git remote -v
 +origin https://​​rpjday/​kubernetes (fetch)
 +origin https://​​rpjday/​kubernetes (push)
 +upstream https://​​kubernetes/​kubernetes.git (fetch)
 +upstream no_push (push)
 +Finally, regularly pull new content and merge it into the ''​master''​ branch:
 +$ git checkout master
 +$ git fetch upstream
 +$ git merge upstream/​master
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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