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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 $ git clone --depth 1 --single-branch <repo URL> $ git clone --depth 1 --single-branch <repo URL>
 +From [[https://​​lists/​git/​msg355579.html|here]]:​
 +Side note: there'​s also narrow/lazy clone (or something with the
 +promisor) but I still haven'​t caught up with that. So none of that
 +here, but I think we should eventually have some examples/​description.
 +A shallow clone is basically a repository with commit history cut
 +short. If you have a commit though, you have full content. It's not
 +cut by paths or anything.
 +"git clone --depth=X"​ the the normal way to do this. You get a
 +repository where all branches and tags have maximum X commits deep.
 +But since the main purpose of shallow clone is redude download,
 +--single-branch is made default when --depth is present, so you get
 +the default branch instead of all the branches (you would need
 +--no-single-branch for that). You could see these cut points with "git
 +log --decorate"​. I think they are marked "​crafted"​ or something.
 +Once you have made a shallow clone, you could do everything like
 +usual. Local operations of course can only reach as far as the cut
 +points. Pull and push to a full clone are possible (it's even possible
 +to do so to another shallow clone).
 +When you "git fetch",​ the cut points remain the same, so you get more
 +recent commits and the history depth increases. If you do "git fetch
 +--depth=X"​ then the cut points are adjusted so that you only have
 +maximum X commits deep for all select branches, the same way a shallow
 +clone is made initially. "git fetch --unshallow"​ can be used to turn a
 +shallow clone into a complete one. And I'm pretty sure you could turn
 +a complete one to shallow with "git fetch --depth"​.
 +While --depth works fine most of the time, sometimes you want a
 +different way to define these shallow/cut points. --shallow-since and
 +--shallow-exclude are added as the result. --shallow-since cut the
 +history by a specific date (for all select branches).
 +--shallow-exclude cuts the history by a ref (often a tag). As I
 +mentioned before, it's mostly used to say "I want a shallow clone from
 +(but not including) v2.9.0"​.
 +And I think that's pretty much it. There'​s --update-shallow option but
 +I can't remember when that's needed. Shallow clones may also prevent
 +you from using some optional features. Pack bitmap is one of those and
 +I think probably commit graph too. It's not technical limitation, just
 +lack of time/effort to support them in shallow clones.
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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