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     * [[http://​​w/​cpp/​language/​noexcept|noexcept operator]]     * [[http://​​w/​cpp/​language/​noexcept|noexcept operator]]
     * [[http://​​w/​cpp/​language/​except_spec|Dynamic exception specification (until C++17)]]     * [[http://​​w/​cpp/​language/​except_spec|Dynamic exception specification (until C++17)]]
 +===== Error handling possibilities =====
 +  * Terminate the program.
 +  * Return an error value.
 +  * Return a legal value and leave the program in an "error state" (''​errno''​).
 +  * Call an error-handler routine.
 +===== Guarantees =====
 +C++ standard library provides one of the following guarantees for every library operation:
 +  * //basic// for all operations: The basic invariants of all objects are maintained, and no resources, such as memory, are leaked. In particular, the basic invariants of every built-in and standard-library type guarantee that //you can destroy an object or assign to it after every standard-library operation// (§iso.
 +  * //strong// for key operations: in addition to providing the basic guarantee, either the operation succeeds, or it has no effect. This guarantee is provided for key operations, such as ''​push_back()'',​ single-element ''​insert()''​ on a list, and ''​uninitialized_copy()''​.
 +  * //nothrow// for some operations: in addition to providing the basic guarantee, some operations are guaranteed not to throw an exception. This guarantee is provided for a few simple operations, such as ''​swap()''​ of two containers and ''​pop_back()''​.
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