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Line 21: Line 21:
   * ''<​numeric_limits>''​   * ''<​numeric_limits>''​
   * ''<​cstddef>''​   * ''<​cstddef>''​
 +String literals:
 +  * statically allocated so it's safe to return them from functions
 New with C++11: New with C++11:
Line 30: Line 34:
 Deducing a type: Deducing a type:
-  * ''​auto''​ +  * ''​auto'' ​for deducing a type of an object from its initializer;​ the type can be the type of a variable, a ''​const'',​ or a ''​constexpr''​. 
-  * ''​decltype()''​+  * ''​decltype(expr)'' ​for deducing the type of something that is not a simple initializer,​ such as the return type for a function or the type of a class member.
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