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Initially scattered links and notes about blockchain, hyperledger and so on.

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General articles

Use Cases

  • supply chain management
  • provenance
  • property rights
  • medical industry (verify degrees, accreditation)
  • health care (verify work done before payment, prescriptions (
  • finance (smart contracts)


  • (umbrella of OSS projects to advance PERMISSIONED blockchain technologies)
    • Frameworks:
      • Sawtooth (can be permissionless, change consensus mechanism on the fly)
        • PoET
        • transaction families
      • Iroha (for mobile applications, Android, iOS)
      • Fabric (most mature, modular, plug-and-play)
      • Burrow (permissionable smart contract machine)
      • Indy (for decentralized identity)
    • Modules to support above frameworks:
      • Cello (deploy Blockchain As A Service)
      • Composer (for building blockchain business networks, Javascript)
      • Explorer (for visualizing blockchain operations)

Consensus algorithms

  • Proof of Work (Bitcoin)
  • Proof of Stake
    • Proof of Deposit
    • Proof of Burn
  • Proof of Capacity
  • Proof of Elapsed Time (Sawtooth)
  • Simplified Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  • Proof of Authority
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