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Working with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

Sample config and build

Install repo

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ export PATH=~/bin:$PATH
$ curl > ~/bin/repo
$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo


Depending on which release and branch you want, choose some variation:

$ repo init -u
$ repo init -b flounder [-m flounder_6.0.0.xml] -u

after which:

$ repo sync

Manifest files

After initialization, you'll find:

drwxrwxr-x.  3 rpjday rpjday 4096 Apr  8 13:28 manifests
drwxrwxr-x. 10 rpjday rpjday 4096 Apr  8 13:25 manifests.git
lrwxrwxrwx.  1 rpjday rpjday   21 Apr  8 13:25 manifest.xml -> manifests/default.xml
drwxrwxr-x.  7 rpjday rpjday 4096 Apr  8 13:25 repo

where manifests/ will contain:

blowfish_1.9.8.xml  chinook_3.0.4.xml     eel_4.99.4.xml       flounder_6.0.1.xml
blowfish_2.0.0.xml  chinook_3.0.5.xml     eel_4.99.5.xml       flounder_6.0.2.xml
blowfish_2.0.1.xml  dab_3.99.1.xml        eel_5.0.0.xml        flounder_6.0.3.xml
blowfish_2.0.2.xml  dab_3.99.2.xml        eel_5.0.1.xml        flounder_6.0.4.xml
blowfish_2.0.3.xml  dab_3.99.3.xml        eel_5.0.2.xml        guppy_6.90.0.xml
blowfish_2.0.4.xml  dab_4.0.0.xml         eel_5.0.3.xml        guppy_6.99.1.xml
blowfish_2.0.5.xml  dab_4.0.1.xml         flounder_5.99.1.xml  guppy_6.99.2.xml
chinook_2.99.1.xml  dab_4.0.2.xml         flounder_5.99.2.xml  guppy_6.99.3.xml
chinook_2.99.2.xml  dab_4.0.3.xml         flounder_5.99.3.xml  guppy_6.99.4.xml
chinook_2.99.3.xml  default-floating.xml  flounder_5.99.4.xml  guppy_6.99.5.xml
chinook_3.0.0.xml   default.xml           flounder_5.99.5.xml  guppy_7.0.0.xml
chinook_3.0.1.xml   eel_4.99.1.xml        flounder_5.99.6.xml  halibut_7.90.0.xml
chinook_3.0.2.xml   eel_4.99.2.xml        flounder_5.99.7.xml
chinook_3.0.3.xml   eel_4.99.3.xml        flounder_6.0.0.xml

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