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              [ --use-bitmap-index ]              [ --use-bitmap-index ]
              <​commit>​... [ -- <​paths>​... ]              <​commit>​... [ -- <​paths>​... ]
 +List commits that are reachable by following the parent links from the given commit(s),
 +but exclude commits that are reachable from the one(s) given with a ^ in front of them.
 +The output is given in reverse chronological order by default.
 +You can think of this as a set operation. Commits given on the command line form a set of
 +commits that are reachable from any of them, and then commits reachable from any of the
 +ones given with ^ in front are subtracted from that set. The remaining commits are what
 +comes out in the command’s output. Various other options and paths parameters can be used
 +to further limit the result.
 +Thus, the following command:
 +            $ git rev-list foo bar ^baz
 +means "list all the commits which are reachable from foo or bar, but not from baz".
 +=== Trivial examples ===
 +$ git rev-list --author="​Robert P. J. Day" HEAD
 +$ git rev-list --author="​P. J." HEAD
 +$ git rev-list --author="​P. J." --pretty HEAD
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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