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Basic and advanced features of cloning.

Shallow clones

Read all about it here.


--depth <depth>
    Create a shallow clone with a history truncated to the
    specified number of commits. Implies --single-branch unless
    --no-single-branch is given to fetch the histories near the
    tips of all branches. If you want to clone submodules
    shallowly, also pass --shallow-submodules.

    Create a shallow clone with a history after the specified

    Create a shallow clone with a history, excluding commits
    reachable from a specified remote branch or tag. This
    option can be specified multiple times.

    Clone only the history leading to the tip of a single
    branch, either specified by the --branch option or the
    primary branch remote’s HEAD points at. Further fetches
    into the resulting repository will only update the
    remote-tracking branch for the branch this option was used
    for the initial cloning. If the HEAD at the remote did not
    point at any branch when --single-branch clone was made, no
    remote-tracking branch is created.

    Don’t clone any tags, and set
    remote.<remote>.tagOpt=--no-tags in the config, ensuring
    that future git pull and git fetch operations won’t follow
    any tags. Subsequent explicit tag fetches will still work,
    (see git-fetch(1)).

    Can be used in conjunction with --single-branch to clone
    and maintain a branch with no references other than a
    single cloned branch. This is useful e.g. to maintain
    minimal clones of the default branch of some repository for
    search indexing.


$ git clone --depth 1 --single-branch <repo URL>
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