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People talking about the current course, in no particular order:

and a cast of thousands. Or thereabouts. :-)

What students are saying about Crash Course's "Introduction to Linux Kernel Programming"

"This is a singular course, I've never seen anything like it. Well-structured, beginning-to-end guidelines to real learning about kernel programming. In fact, an exceptional way to acquire enough knowledge to proceed to more advanced training: writing device drivers.

Alexandre Borges,
Writer and Columnist at Linux Magazine Brazil

"This course is brilliant. I've been programming for close to 21 years in Pascal, C, C++, Java and other languages and using Linux for over 10 years, but in the span of a few days with this course I had compiled and installed my own kernel twice and created 5 Loadable Kernel Modules. The presentation style is straight to the point and entertaining and makes scary topics easy. I'm going to recommend more of my friends take this and I'm looking forward to more."

Mike Park,
IT Security Engineer