Introduction to Git (1 day)

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Next public offering

June 18, 2015, 8:30 - 5:00 pm
The Hub Ottawa
71 Bank St.


While designed for beginners, this course is nonetheless a brisk and thorough introduction to the Git version control system, and takes users from installing Git and cloning their first repository to customizing their user account for Git, creating and deleting branches, merging, "cherry-picking" commits, saving work with the "stash", working with remotes, defining and using Git aliases and more.

In addition, there is a thorough discussion of how Git works "under the hood," so that users understand the underlying Git "object store" and how to work with Git's SHA-1 commit IDs in numerous ways.


This course is designed for users who are either beginners to Git, or who have used Git to some extent but are still not totally comfortable with it.

Note carefully that this is not a Git administration course, nor does it cover advanced workflow or collaboration topics -- that material will be covered in subsequent advanced courses.

Note also that this is a course in Git, not GitHub, although all of the concepts presented here are applicable to hosting your projects on GutHub.


While it is not necessary for attendees to have any previous Git experience, it's always an asset to have worked with some version control system at some point, but that's still not necessary.

Also, since this course is delivered on a Linux workstation, some experience with basic Linux at the command line would be useful, but is again not required.

Course outline

  • Proper Git installation
  • Version control systems -- centralized versus distributed
  • Git objects and the object store -- how Git works "under the hood"
  • Cloning your first repository
  • Examining your checkout from various angles
  • Making changes and how the Git "index" works
  • Setting and using tags
  • Branching and merging
  • "Cleaning" your working copy
  • A quick look at cherry picking
  • The "stash" and how it works
  • Working with remotes
  • Creating and using Git aliases
  • A brief look at various models of Git workflow

The student kit

In addition to the course material, each student will receive their own e-copy of the following two Git books from O'Reilly and Associates:

plus a USB drive containing numerous other publicly-available Git books and tutorials.

Course tuition

The price of this course is $295 (CAD) per student when offered as a public course with general enrolment. In addition, feel free to contact us for public course volume discounts, or bringing this course on-site to your location.

How to register

Register for this course through Eventbrite here.