Installing a package from the Nuxeo Marketplace in 60 seconds.

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And what's happening here?

What's happening is that we're going to install an arbitrary package from the spiffy new Nuxeo Marketplace in your instance of Nuxeo Document Management (DM) in 60 seconds on your Ubuntu 10.04 system (not including the time it might take you to register for your free 30-day trial of Nuxeo Connect).

And ... go.

Installing Nuxeo DM 5.3.2

If you haven't installed Nuxeo DM yet, you can simply follow the instructions here for installing Nuxeo Digital Asset Management (DAM), and simply replace the reference to nuxeo-dam-tomcat with nuxeo-dm-tomcat, or with the corresponding JBoss package -- whatever works for you.

Regardless of which Nuxeo product you install, or how you install it, let's just say that the home directory of that install is NUXEO_HOME, which in my case would be the directory /opt/nuxeo-dm.

Subscribing for a free 30-day trial

Go subscribe for a totally free 30-day trial. Go here. I'll wait. When you get back, have your username and password.

Setting up the new Nuxeo Admin Center

While not, strictly speaking, necessary, it's handy to extend your Nuxeo DM installation with the new "Nuxeo Admin Center" tab, so just follow the instructions here. Based on the above, if you're running Ubuntu, you'd unzip that Zip file under /opt/nuxeo-dm/nxserver/bundles. Once that's done, restart your instance of DM and you should have a cool new "Nuxeo Admin Center" tab at the top of the page.

Aside: Manually installing the Admin Center functionality is only required for the current versions of Nuxeo software. Apparently, future versions will have that built in.


If everything's worked properly until now, you should be able to pop into the "Nuxeo Admin Center" and click on the "Update Center" to see what's available under the "Packages from Nuxeo Marketplace" tab.

Click on something.

Install it.

That is all. Seriously, it's that easy.

That's it?

Technically, yes, but let's finish things off.

First, you might notice that the Marketplace seems to have a package representing your Nuxeo Studio instance (which you got automatically with your 30-day trial). Don't sweat it -- apparently, no one else can see that package and I've been assured that that entry will eventually be filtered out of your Marketplace list. You can always see your downloaded and/or installed packages under the "Local Packages" list as well, which is where your Studio package should show up.

In addition, you can always log directly into your Nuxeo Connect account here, but there is no current direct link to the Marketplace from there. Apparently, that is being addressed.


Big buckets of gratitude to Nuxeo's Jane Zupan, who almost certainly had no idea what she was getting into when she invited feedback.

Coming soon ...

So what exactly is a Nuxeo "package," anyway? We'll get to that. Stay tuned.


All of the above was tested on a laptop running the Alpha 3 release of the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat", which suggests that things should keep working after the next biannual release and upgrade of Ubuntu. Always nice to know.