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New Nuxeo DAM JBoss snapshot for Ubuntu -- pretty much there.

July 5, 2010 -- There's a new snapshot of the JBoss-based Nuxeo DAM software for Ubuntu, and it's got almost all the kinks worked out, except for a couple that are either being resolved or are actually a Debian packaging issue. So, assuming your Ubuntu /etc/apt/sources.list file contains:

deb lucid-snapshots/
deb lucid partner

then either install or upgrade with:

$ sudo apt-get [install/upgrade] nuxeo-dam-jboss

with a couple cautions.

New Nuxeo DAM snapshot for Ubuntu -- looking good.

As of yesterday, there's a new snapshot of Nuxeo DAM (Digital Asset Management) for Ubuntu -- nuxeo-dam-jboss_1.1-SNAPSHOT-20100702_all.deb -- and a lot of outstanding issues from the previous snapshot have been cleaned up. Among other things, "nuxeodam" user and group accounts have been created to act as owners of the running process, and lots of other little improvements. All in all, very nice so, at this point, I'm reduced to nitpicking:

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