Introduction to Git (1 day)

Next public offering

June 18, 2015, 8:30 - 5:00 pm
The Hub Ottawa
71 Bank St.


While designed for beginners, this course is nonetheless a brisk and thorough introduction to the Git version control system, and takes users from installing Git and cloning their first repository to customizing their user account for Git, creating and deleting branches, merging, "cherry-picking" commits, saving work with the "stash", working with remotes, defining and using Git aliases and more.

How Git keeps track of content history -- a visual approach.

Because the Git version control system takes a rather novel approach to how it stores history, I thought I'd write a very quick-and-dirty explanation of that. Once new users understand how this works, a great deal about Git suddenly becomes a lot clearer. So let's see how well this works out. (I'm still touching up this post, so if you see a typo, leave a comment. Or just leave a comment, anyway. And, yes, I can see Drupal is doing silly things with overly long lines; I'm working on that.)

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