New Nuxeo DAM snapshot for Ubuntu -- looking good.

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As of yesterday, there's a new snapshot of Nuxeo DAM (Digital Asset Management) for Ubuntu -- nuxeo-dam-jboss_1.1-SNAPSHOT-20100702_all.deb -- and a lot of outstanding issues from the previous snapshot have been cleaned up. Among other things, "nuxeodam" user and group accounts have been created to act as owners of the running process, and lots of other little improvements. All in all, very nice so, at this point, I'm reduced to nitpicking:

  • The installation process still insists on starting the software as part of the post-install control script. I don't agree with that -- installing the software should be an independent decision from starting it, but that's more personal choice than anything.
  • I'm not sure if this is done but given that the software starts a JBoss engine on local port 8080, the start script should probably verify that nothing is already running there -- say, Tomcat or an existing JBoss.
  • Purging the packages (both DM and DAM) apparently doesn't remove the entries from /etc/passwd and /etc/group, which will make subsequent re-installation fail.
  • In order to keep track of which snapshot is running, it would be moderately helpful for the Nuxeo DAM login screen to not just say "1.1 SNAPSHOT" but (if possible) to mention the date stamp of the snapshot, as in "20100702", and perhaps even have an unobtrusive watermark identifying this as pre-release software on every page.
  • Under the administration window, when creating a new user, group or folder, the dialog window that pops up can -- by its title bar -- be dragged up or down to the point where that title bar almost vanishes behind the browser border. And if that happens, there's no way you're going to be able to get it back. Is there a way to block the dialog from being moved that far? I don't know.
  • The init script /etc/init.d/nuxeo-dam doesn't mention in its usage message that there is now an LSB-required "force-reload" option, which is simply equivalent to "restart", but it's unlikely normal users are going to care.
  • It would be nice to have an equivalent Tomcat-based snapshot as well.

As I said, nitpicking and, beyond that, I see nothing else to comment on.

The only other larger potential issue I see is whether one will be able to install and/or run both Nuxeo DM and Nuxeo DAM simultaneously, but that's not something I've bothered testing yet so it may work just fine.

All in all, some noticeable improvements from the previous snapshot. Cool. And now, back to hacking on Android. Or my BeagleBoard. Whatever.

UPDATE: Hmmmm ... some very weird interactions when both packages are installed ... not quite sure what's going on there.

OK, some definite package installation and removal strangeness happening, which is going to cause some level of grief trying to install, remove and re-install packages, which is something that should be perfectly acceptable behaviour. Theoretically, simply installing and uninstalling a package over and over should be a perfectly safe operation, but doing it with the Nuxeo DAM package leaves some lingering after-effects that make subsequent re-installation problematic.


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